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Davening Times

Daily 6:45am
Shabbos 9:00am

Shachris is at 6:45 daily year round. In the summer, there are two additional minyanim at 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. During the winter, Mincha is 10 minutes before skiya. Maariv is approximately one hour after skiya.

During the summer, a second minyan for Maariv is held about 10 minutes after mincha. There is a D’var Torah is between mincha and maariv daily.

Dear Leah, Amus”h
Just like the “clocks” on this page, thank you for having us over as such
unique hostesses at every “hour”
And for doing it all with such simcha and with a face that isn’t sour.

You truly prepared everything so “time”ly and so genuinely too,
We really enjoyed our stay with your hospitality through and through.

Wishing you many “times” of simcha and brocha,
Together with a nachas from your sweet mishpocha

With warmest wishes,
Nechama, Hershe’le, Leah’le and Ari’le S